Loved working with the Garcia Mortgage Team. They made buying our home a great experience. Berto and Sue were easy to work with and we are very happy with the service they provided. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new home.

15 Months ago

I’ve bought three houses so far in my lifetime and I can easily say that the Garcia’s are the most responsive, no hassle, make it happen group of people in the business. I felt like a valued customer from the beginning to the end (that wasn’t the case with my prior two bank loans). When you call, real people answer the phone. You’re known by your name, not your customer number. When a problem arose, I called Sue, she solved it in minutes. You’ll get a good rate, fair fees and excellent service with no unpleasant surprises buried in the fine print. It’s a pleasure to do business with the Garcia’s, and I look forward to doing it again.


This was my second home purchase and it was fabulous! Sue king was so sweet, responsive, and knowledgeable. My first loan was through my bank and the process, the loan officer, and all employees were sub-par. I was so surprised at how painless buying my second home was and I attributed that to Sue and the Garcia team!


Buying a home can be stressful. Pulling it off from the other side of the planet is daunting. The Garcia Mortgage Team made it a walk in the park, working across half a dozen times zones, early mornings, frequent Skype calls and extra paperwork and hurdles. Excellent! From first offer to close in a month. This team came to me highly recommended and I gladly affirm that recommendation.


The rate was reasonable, and Suzanne was very responsive throughout the whole process. Not only do I recommend her though, but also the whole Garcia team. Berto and the others on the team were also very helpful. I can definitely say they are a business with high character.


I put an offer on a short sale house & after four months it was finally approved. However, I already had a trip planned & would be out of town at the deadline the bank gave us to close. That meant we had to shorten the length of closing from 30 days to 26 days. Sue King & everyone at Garcia Mortgage Team worked together & got it done! Sue was great! She was willing to take my phone calls, respond to emails & meet with me at any time including nights & weekends. She explained everything clearly & answered any questions I had even if it meant she had to research it further & get back to me. I was very happy with my experience at Garcia Mortgage Team!


I came to Sue King and team past the point of desperation! I cannot say enough great things about this team of knowledgeable and professional individuals. When I called, they answered. When I sent a text, they replied. I reached out to them on May 29th, 2015 and was sitting at the closing table on June 29th – EXACTLY 30 days from the moment when Sue and I “connected”. I would use them again, and again! My husband and I are still in awe of what they were able to accomplish. I do not know what their catch phrase is. But, dedicated, awesome and spectacular comes to mind! Thank you Sue, Tim and team! You guys ROCK!!!!


Sue King and the team were wonderful and helped us through the whole process from loan application to closing. We were dealing with a relocation company which made things more complicated, but Sue took care of everything. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a house or refinance.


Sue King provided us with exemplary service throughout the entire mortgage loan process. As first-time home buyers, we really did not know what to expect and really dreaded this process and all of the paperwork. Sue was incredibly patient with us and explained every step of the mortgage loan and home buying process (several times). She was organized, efficient, and made us feel comfortable with the decisions we were making along the way. I would HIGHLY recommend Sue and the rest of the Garcia Mortgage Team.


I have only great things to say about Garcia Mortgage Team and Sue King specifically. It was wonderful to have such supportive and caring people on my side and I felt that they not only went above and beyond to help me secure a loan, but I got great value in the loan itself. Sue explained everything in a way I could easily understand and was always available at a moment’s notice to answer any questions. I’d recommend them for everyone, but especially for first time home buyers – I couldn’t have asked for more.