VA Loans


As a veteran himself, Berto Garcia has used a VA loan for a home purchase in the past so he can tell you first-hand that it most definitely is a great product! If you’re an eligible veteran and have little or no money for a down payment, then a VA loan is for you.

In order to qualify for a VA mortgage you must have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for your nation. If so, then one unique benefit afforded to you is access to the Veterans Affairs Home Loan Program.

There are 3 primary benefits of a VA Home Loan:

  1. No Down Payment
  2. No Private Mortgage Insurance
  3. Competitive Interest Rates

The VA mortgage offers 100% financing to veterans and their spouses for the purchase of owner occupied homes. Something some people don’t realize is that they can use their VA benefits to buy up to a 4-family unit. You could live in one unit and have 3 other people pay your mortgage, even with no down payment!

In addition to there being no down payment, veterans do not have mortgage insurance on the loan. There is a funding fee that ranges from .5 to 3.3%. The funding fee is waived for a veteran that receives a minimum of 10% VA disability compensation.

Be sure that you have your DD-214 form and we can order your Certificate of Eligibility for you. This is the only additional paperwork you will need to provide us with in order to process your loan.
If you are a veteran or eligible surviving spouse, you can become a homeowner by taking advantage of this government-backed loan program!